Thursday, December 2, 2010

World Cup Host Nations Announced

Russia upset the favorite England to get the 2018 bid while the little Middle Eastern country of Qatar surpassed USA and Australia to get the 2022 bid.

Qatar is a nation smaller than the state of Connecticut and in the summer temperatures reach up to 130. So you ask why did they get this bid over Australia and the USA? Qatar promised to build 9 new stadiums, all of these stadiums will be air conditioned so the temperatures will be around 68 on the field and same in the stands. They also promised to build several new hotels, expand their international airport by over three times and display the game on a 360 degree screen around the outside of the stadium.This is all thanks to its wealth through Oil.

I am kind of mad about this outcome because I am a soccer fan and I would love to see the World's best come to USA to play but I am still happy because this could be a great 2022 World Cup. I will be glad to be at home watching the games on my couch with the AC on then travel to Qatar and their 130 degree summers.

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