Friday, September 2, 2011

Big 12 Salvageable?

Texas A&M officially sent in their request to leave the Big 12 and will actively be looking to join a new conference for the 2012-2013 season. The Aggies has been looking to join the SEC for almost a month now but when SEC presidents voted a couple weeks back they decided now was not the time. If the SEC were to find another team, especially on the east coast, then A&M should get their wish. The SEC is very interested in expanding their market to the football crazed state of Texas.

Kyle Field "Home Of The 12th Man"
Texas A&M's decision to leave the conference was heavily due to the Big 12 allowing Texas to make their own TV network. This has left the Aggies at a major disadvantage when trying to recruit instate against the Longhorns.

The loss of A&M now leaves the Big "12" with only 9 teams after Colorado and Nebraska left earlier this year. This has left the Big 12 head, Dan Beebe, scrambling to keep the conference intact before the Pac-12 and the SEC gobble up their teams. They have been looking at several teams to add to the conference but stated that it will not add anymore teams from Texas. Sorry SMU, Houston, UTEP, and Rice. The state belongs to the Longhorns.

It has been said that some of the top targets have been the likes of BYU, Louisville and I've even heard crazy rumors about Pittsburgh, but those teams look like they are staying put.

BYU just went independent and isn't looking to bounce right back into a conference after one season on their own. Louisville and Pittsburgh are Top 10 basketball programs and staying in the best basketball conference, Big East, looks to be the best plan.

If none of these teams come to the Big 12 then we could see what we all predicted last season...the conference falling a part.

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