Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 College Football Games of the Year

I know the season isn't over yet (Bowl Games) but here are Top 10 College Football games of the 2010 season

1. Boise St vs Nevada

Boise St had come into the game having beaten Nevada every year since the 1998-1999 season, they were 10-0 and #3 in the nation. That didn't matter to Nevada as they got the 34-31 win in dramatic fashion.

2. Alabama vs Auburn

Alabama jumped out to a 24-3 lead before Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers made a huge come back to get the 28-27 win and helped them move on to the BCS National Championship game.

3. Michigan St vs Notre Dame

Michigan St tied the game up at 28 with 7 minutes left and sent it into over. They then pulled off a fake field goal to get the 34-31 win.

4. Florida vs LSU

LSU set up for a 53 yard field goal but faked it and eventually scored the game winning touchdown with less than 10 seconds left.

5. East Carolina vs Tulsa

East Carolina trailed Tulsa 45-49 with 5 seconds left. Quarterback Dominique Davis tossed up a Hail Mary and Justin Jones came down with it for the win.

6.LSU vs Tennessee

LSU's offense struggled all game and with the clock ticking down LSU hiked the ball and Jordan Jefferson missed the snap and Tennessee won the game. But wait! Tennessee had 13 people on the field. LSU ran another play and ran it in from one yard out for the win.

7. Arizona vs Arizona St

Arizona scored with 27 seconds left to tie up the score at 20. They kicked the PAT and it was blocked so they headed to overtime. Both teams kick field goals in overtime so we go to a second overtime. Arizona St scored a touchdown and so does Arizona but Arizona's PAT is blocked again and Arizona St gets the 30-29 win.

8.Arkansas vs Georgia

Georgia trailed Arkansas by 14 at the beginning of the 4th quarter but tied up the game with three minutes left. Ryan Mallet  then led Arkansas on a game winning drive and a touchdown with 15 seconds left.

9.Stanford vs USC

This was a back and forth battle till Nick Whitaker kick a field goal as time expired and Stanford got the 37-35 win over USC.

10.Oklahoma St vs Texas A&M

This was a back and forth battle of offenses. It ended with a 40 yard field goal as time expired for Oklahoma St to get the 38-35 win.

Honorable Mention:

LSU vs Alabama
Auburn vs LSU
Mississippi St vs Arkansas
Michigan vs Illinois
Utah over BYU
Alabama vs Arkansas
Wisconsin vs Iowa
Michigan St vs Purdue
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St
Clemson vs Florida St

Any suggestions or additions to the list? Just comment below.


  1. No Ohio State @ Wisconsin or Oklahoma @ Missouri? Both games were upsets where #1 fell. Your list is garbage; don't quit your day job.

  2. Well considering Wisconsin won by 13 and controlled the game from the opening kickoff. Plus the Missouri Oklahoma game was also a two possession game... I don't think they would be in anyone's top 10 besides yours.

  3. What about FSU-Clemson????