Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 10 players on the Trading Block

As we are just half a month away from the trade deadline I take a look at the Top 10 players available before the deadline on July 31st.

10. Josh Willingham, A's: The 32 year old outfielder is the only elite hitter on the the A's roster and will be one of the most heavily sought after players at the trade deadline. There are as many as seven teams interested in the right handed outfielder. The list includes the Red Sox, Phillies, and Braves.

Cabrera is having a stellar season in KC
9. Micheal Cuddyer, Twins: The Twins 32 year old utility player made his first all star game with remarkable first half numbers (.298/.369/.474). This is Cuddyer's last year on contract with the Twins and many teams could use a solid hitting utility player for a run to the playoffs.

8. Melky Cabrera, Royals: The 26 year old outfielder is having in outstanding season both offensively and defensively and it is a year when many teams need solid outfielders. Many believe that he will stay with the Royals but if teams make a good offer he could be headed out of Kansas City and on a playoff bound team.

7. Heath Bell, Padres: The Padres closer is having a career year with 26 saves through the All Star break and is by far the most sought after reliever on the market. Only the Phillies and Cardinals are in need of a strong closer but the Yankees and Rangers could get him to be a setup man.

6. Wandy Rodriquez, Astros: The Astros are trying to completely rebuild their team and clearing out Rodriquez and his 12 million a year contract will go along way in the process. Their aren't many elite starters on the market right now, especially lefties, and that is why Rodriquez is so high on the list.

The Mets' switch hitter will likely be leaving New York
5. B.J. Upton, Rays: The young center fielder wasn't expected to be in the trade market until the last few weeks when people started to hear that the Rays are open for offers. This is very puzzling considering the Rays are still alive and in the playoff race. Upton has been having his worst season but he can defiantly turn it on in the 2nd half of the season and become a clutch player for a team looking to make the playoffs.

4. Carlos Beltran, Mets: The 6 time All Star is one of the players most likely to get traded before the deadline.  The Mets need to try an get out of debt and getting rid of Beltran and the 6 million owed to him will be a start. There are several teams that need a strong bat... The Giants and Rockies would like him at the plate down the stretch.

3. Hunter Pence, Astros: The Astros don't want to get rid of their best player but may have to if they want to completely reform their team. Pence is having a career year but is on the MLB's worst team. Pence is standing out at the plate, batting (.323/.364/.496) with 11 homers and 60 RBI's. Pence will probably one of the more expensive players on the market but any team with a playoff shot would like to have a hot hitting outfielder on their roster down the stretch.
Carlos Zambrano is the best pitcher on the market

2. Carlos Zambrano, Cubs: The Cubs don't seem like their going to trade their ace but teams keep calling. Zambrano is easily the best pitcher on the trade market and the Cubs could get rid of 26 million owed to him if they get rid of him by July 31st. Zambrano is in the midst of his worst season of his career and the question is who can pay for him? The Yankees can.

1. Jose Reyes, Mets: Reyes was the best player in the NL for the first half of the season and many teams are in need of a shortstop than can put up great offensive numbers and also play defense. The Mets seem like they want to hold on to their superstar and the trade rumors have gone down dramatically since the beginning of the season. That still hasn't stopped teams, like the Reds, from calling. Their are still some teams that could give some good offers for the shortstop and we could still see him possibly headed out of New York by July 31st.

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