Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best Uniforms in College Football

As we are about a month away from the College Football Season I take a look at the Best uniforms in College Football

10. Cincinnati Bearcats

The Bearcats help represent the Big East on the list. The Bearcats embarrassed themselves when they pulled out in the all white uniforms at the 2010 Sugar Bowl but they bounced back in full stride in 2010. Adidas came out with some great new uniforms last season. The Black and Red look very good as do the cat scratches down the side of the pants.

9. Arizona St Sun Devils

The Sun Devils changed up there logo for this upcoming season and it made the uniforms much better. The new logo combined with the new Nike Combat Uniforms make a deadly combo as they step on the field for the upcoming season. I would put the Sun Devils higher but they haven't played with them yet. They start out what is a dominating list for the newly created Pac-12.

8. TCU Horned Frogs

The Horned Frogs rep the colors purple and black. Many have different opinions on the colors, some hate it and some like it a lot and I personally like it. TCU finished 13-0 last season with these uniforms and will look to repeat that this year in the weaker Mountain West. They will bring these unique colors to the Big East next season.

7. USC Trojans

USC has always had some great uniforms but hasn't looked to change it up a little bit. If the Trojans get some new Nike alternative uniforms then we could see a top 5 ranking. It still helps when you have players like Taylor Mays (right) and Joe McKnight to help you pull off the Cardinal and Gold. They join the list of four Pac 12 teams in my Top 10 rankings.

6. Oregon Ducks

Oregon has so many uniform combinations that you shouldn't even try to count. This can be both a positive and negative for the the Ducks. Some nights they will come out with the sweetest uniforms in the country but other nights they will show up in neon green or yellow and will throw them off the chart.

5. UCLA Bruins

The Bruins have been rocking the light blue and gold uniforms for several years and I've always been a fan. Even though the Bruins haven't been ranked in the Top 5 for a while they climbed into the Top 5 on my list. They are the highest ranked member of the Pac-12 on the list and beat out their fellow in city rival USC by two spots.

4. Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia Bulldogs brought out some black jerseys to go with their red helmets a couple years ago and they skyrocket up my list. The Bulldogs only pull out these uniforms once.. maybe twice a year but when they do the other team better know that its game on. When you have that yearly rivalry between the Gators and the Bulldogs you know that these teams will represent Nike well.

3. Florida Gators

The Gators year in and year out have some of the best uniforms and when you consistently have one of the best teams in College Football it doesn't hurt to pull out all the stops. Also when you have players like Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, Joe Haden and other sporting the Blue, Orange, and White it doesn't hurt. The Gators are another team that sported the Nike Combat uniforms last season.

2. Clemson Tigers

The Tigers orange uniforms help the ACC take the top two spots in this poll. Clemson has struggled the past few seasons on the field but Nike has continued by giving them some great uniforms. Before a home game when the Tigers come out of the tunnel and run down the hill the 70,000+ fans on hand in South Carolina are ready.

1. North Carolina Tarheels

The Tarheels have arguably the best color in sports, Carolina Blue, and they would top my list if this were basketball or football. When you walk into that stadium and their wearing Carolina Blue and white during a whiteout game you get spooked.

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