Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are You Ready for College Football?

We are just under a month and a half away from the kickoff to the College Football season and I've been ready since January 11th. There is no better feeling then that opening kickoff at home and the sold out stadium is on their feet as the new season is about to kick off. Today I'll take a look at some reasons why you should be ready for football.

The Broncos move to the Mountain West
Nebraska in the "Big 10": The longtime Big 12 powerhouse heads east to face off with the likes of Penn St, Ohio St, Michigan and Wisconsin. The Big 10 will now separate into two divisions and it will all culminate with the first ever Big 10 championship game.

Boise St's year? The Broncos will be facing some better competition in their conference this upcoming season as they head to the Mountain West . Boise expected to face the likes of BYU , Utah, and TCU for seasons to come but Utah bolted to become part of the Pac 12 and BYU went independent. They will face TCU for one season before they will then dart for the Big East in 2012. Even without those teams the likes of Air Force, San Diego St and Colorado St are still much improved competition over many teams in the WAC.

Pacific 12: Colorado and Utah will help create the Pac 12. Utah, along with TCU, helped form the Mountain West into an elite conference but when they had the opportunity to ditch out to an AQ conference they took the bait. The Buffalo are also headed into the Pac 12 after an awful season and a possible Big 12 collapse.

Return of three Heisman finalist: Andrew Luck, LaMicheal James, and Kellen Moore will all return for their repective teams this season after their outstanding seasons last year.

War Eagle? The Auburn faithful lost Cam Newton to the NFL, as expected, but will they be able to rebound after losing their star and Heisman winner? Or will it be a one time thing for Gene Chizik and Co.?

Russell Wilson is headed to Madison
Big L(East): The Big East had two teams preseason ranked in the Top 15 last season but failed to have one in the Top 25 at the final poll. Can this conference turn it around and become an equal AQ conference once again?

Russell Wilson to Wisconsin: The star QB back at NC State has decided to pack up and head north to play for the Wisconsin Badgers. Wilson graduated last season from NC State so he is able to transfer without having to sit out a year. Is he the missing piece to a title run in Madison?

Ohio St: The Buckeyes were predicted to be a Top 5 team come August till the bottom fell out from under the program. Their three year starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor left the school, Jim Tressel resigned under loads and loads of pressure and they will also play the first several games without key players. Can this team fight through their off season troubles to continue their dominance in the Big 10?

*longer stories to come later


  1. Oregon vs Bama in the title game, Let's go Ducks

  2. Hard to be in title game with team on probation... Oregon.