Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 16 NFL Prospects

Since the end of the NCAA Football Season on January 10th we have been talking about the NFL Draft in full force. Here are my Top 16 prospects in this years Draft before Pro Days and the Combine.

1. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson- Bowers is a 6'4 280 pound Defensive End that is freak of nature. He lead the nation in sacks and tackles for loss as a junior. 
2. Nick Fairley, Auburn- The 6'5 300 pound DT was a major player in the Tigers's National Championship run and really help clogged up the middle and got to the QB. 
3. A.J. Green, Georgia- This tall lengthy Wide Receiver is the best skills player prospect in the draft. His height, speed, and hands are why he's this high on the list. 
4. Von Miller, Texas A&M- The 6'3 240 pound OLB is high on this list because his speed and his ability to play in the 3-4 front. He was the nation's sack leader in 2009. 
5. Patrick Peterson, LSU- He is a tall CB at 6'2 and shut down the receivers he guarded all year. He will also be key in the return game. 
6. Marcell Dareus, Alabama- This huge and athletic 6'3 300 pound DT clogs up the middle but also can get around the O-Line to attack the QB. 
7. Nate Solider, Colorado- The number 1 Offensive line prospect in the draft uses his 6'8 315 pound body to dominate D-lineman. 
8. Prince Amukamara, Nebraska- The All American Cornerback scared quarterbacks so much that they just didn't throw to him. 
9. Tyron Smith, USC- This huge Offensive Tackle can grow into a force. He has the athletic abilities and size and has the biggest upside in the draft. 
10. Julio Jones, Alabama- The wide receiver has great speed and his height has a major advantage over smaller corners. 
11. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri- Gabbert is the best quarterback prospect in the draft because of his size, accuracy and arm strength. Could go higher in the draft because teams need a solid quarterback. 
12. Robert Quinn, North Carolina- At the beginning of the season Quinn was a top 3 prospect but was suspended all of the 2010 season.
13. Jimmy Smith, Colorado- He is a tall prospect at 6'2 shutdown receivers all season long. His athleticism and size put him this high up on the list. 
14. Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin- This 6'7 315 offensive tackle was a first team all american and cleared the way for the third ranked rushing offense. 
15. Adrian Clayborn, Iowa- The Defensive End cause a havoc for offenses all season long and was Big Ten defensive player of the week four times. 
16. Mark Ingram, Alabama- The 2009 Heisman Winner has the speed, strength, and agility to be a top NFL Running Back. 

Changes will be made and the final 16 will be posted later. 

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