Sunday, November 21, 2010

AP Poll

Oregon remained #1 with 37 first placed votes after their bye week.
Auburn stays at #2 as they face Alabama this weekend.
Boise St's impressive win pleased the voters as they jumped TCU for the 3rd spot in the Poll, TCU is 4th.
Wisconsin's big win over Michigan helped them jump up to 5th.
LSU close game vs Ole Miss forces they to drop to 6th.
Andrew Luck's big game Saturday helps Stanford hold onto 7th.
Ohio St's 20-17 win in Iowa city and Nebraska's loss helps them move up a spot to 8th.
Alabama's big win over Georgia St moves them to 9th.
Oklahoma St moves into the top ten after Saturdays win over Kansas.
Michigan's St's come from behind win over Purdue wasn't pretty but it helps them hold onto 11th.
Arkansas's win in overtime over Mississippi St puts them in 12th.
Virginia Tech moves up to 13th after a big win over Miami on Saturday.
Oklahoma stays at 14th after their win over Baylor.
Missouri's 14-0 win over Iowa St keeps them at 15th.
Nebraska dropped 8 spots after the loss to Texas A&M yet the Cornhuskers are still ranked ahead of the Aggies. Nebraska 16th and Texas A&M 17th.
South Carolina's blowout win over Troy didn't help them in the polls as they lose and move down to 18th.
Nevada's big win helps them stay at 19th. They will face #3 Boise St on Friday night.
Arizona is in 20th after their bye week. They will face top ranked Oregon on Friday night.
NC state got back into the top 25 rankings after a win vs North Carolina. NC state is 21st.
Florida St moves to 22nd after a week's absence from the top 25.
Utah's win vs San Diego St keeps them in the top 25 at #23
Iowa's close loss to Ohio St doesn't drop them down in the polls to much, only to 24th.
Mississippi St's loss in overtime drops them four spots as they round out the top 25.

Miami and USC dropped from the polls. Miami lost to Virginia Tech while USC got dominated by Oregon st.

Both Northern Illinois and West Virginia are at they cusp of the top 25 as they are receiving votes. 

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